May 25, 2016

Studio Log // Stardate 97299.0

On this fine Wednesday I am tackling the last song on the album. That is right, the last song! It is all coming to an end. The songs are polished and the mixes are the best that I can make them.

What's next? The songs are going to Mastering. This part of the process will be handled by our good friend Jonh M.Miller of the excellent Montreal metal band Projekt F. Jonh is a professional Audio Engineer when he is not fronting his band.

We are happy to have him on board as he is instrumental in achieving the final touches we require for this album. How about you go check out his band and show him and his band mates some love? I'll be posting links in the comments below where you can have a listen and purchase their albums. Enjoy!

CMDR. John Steele
Over and out